Emcee Apparel on display

Equine Lifestyle Festival

Emcee Apparel and Matrix Equestrian were at the Equine Lifestyle Festival this weekend. What an incredible event!
We couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw how the Hawkesbury Showgrounds had transformed into an international standard arena. The white tents and green grass really helped to create a buzzing atmosphere and it was easy to see how excited all the competitors and trade stall holders were about having an event of this caliber in the Hawkesbury. It was a huge shame the rain set in to dampen the weekend, leaving us all trudging through mud but the competition went on and in spectacular form.

We were excited to be bringing a number of new styles and colours to this show, we fast tracked them from the summer collection we are currently developing (which should be here by December) so that we could showcase a sneak peek of what is to come. Again it was very exciting to see so many of our shirts in the arena as well as seeing the new range in action with a number of competitors deciding to wear their new Emcee Apparel riding wear right away.

The Emcee Apparel sponsored team had a great weekend. On Friday, Charlie Kinder came 2nd in the Junior class on Merry, and Billie Kinder won the 1m on Spotlight. On Saturday Maverick Miles won the first Young Rider class on Emcee Gwynedd and was second on Twins Landsong among a tough field of top Young Riders. Billie continued her form winning the 1.05m open class and second in the 1.10m. By Sunday the ground was very wet, with many competitors staying home but Maverick braved the wet weather, and felt for the sake of the event, he needed to start in the young rider final.

It was a pleasure to be part of such a wonderful concept. The Kevin Hansen and his team clearly put in a lot of effort to make this show as spectacular as possible. When we had time to slip away from the trade stand we had a lot of fun watching all of the different attractions, from the bison campdraft to the Horseball tournament. We, and I’m sure everyone else who attended the Equine Lifestyle Festival, look forward with anticipation to next years event.