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We personally design all of our original styles of clothing in a variety of exclusive fabrics and colours for the modern equestrian in all disciplines.

Equestrian blog

Lily Tootill showjumping

Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-up: Lily Tootill

Emcee Apparel sponsored rider Aria Baker

Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-up: Aria Baker

Olivia Dalton Emcee Apparel's sponsored rider in New Zealand

Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-up: Olivia Dalton

Emcee team high-fiving each other

Team Emcee Apparel Hold on to the Lead as they head to the AJTL Final!

Emcee AJTL team celebrating

Team Emcee Apparel Win First Leg of the AJTL

Two donkeys

Don't ride a donkey in the main event!

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