Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-Up: Alexandra Gostelow

Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-Up: Alexandra Gostelow

As we kick off 2023, we are checking in with some of our Emcee Apparel sponsored riders and introducing a few new ones. First rider: Alexandra Gostelow, a young rider from NSW making taking big steps in the showjumping world.

Name: Alexandra Gostelow (Ally)

Hometown: Wallabadah NSW

Discipline: Showjumping

Instagram: @alexandragostelow


1. Who are your sporting Idols?

Predominantly the under 25 riders on the LGCT league. Many older professionals as well, I like to pick out key strengths and styles of riders and apply the method to my own training. 

2. What is your favourite show to attend?

Sydney Royal for sure, Cristo loves the atmosphere and the ground. The public get involved around the warmup and the stadium which adds a little more excitement and it’s a great show to catch up with friends, there’s plenty to see! 

3. What is your earliest horse show memory?

A led class at Maitland show, on a Shetland pony called ‘Jojo’. I won with dad. 

4. What’s your game day routine?

Feed horses 5:30am sharp. Muckout, walk and equissage horses, then I normally have to wash Cristo again! Typically I clean all my gear the night before so everything should be in order. Dependant on what horses and classes I’m jumping, I’ll lightly flat or lunge the horses prior to jumping. I brush them quite early, then stud if on grass (always put stable boots back on studded horses, I have a fear of them getting injured!). Put the gear on as late as possible but always be early to the warmup, and have the horse walked again prior. Walk the course, if possible watch one or two before me jump. Hopefully all went well, horses are washed, iced, equissaged and walked again. Then fed about 5pm and checked again around 9pm before bed. 

5. What is your biggest passion outside of Showjumping?

I do enjoy working on the farm and definitely going out with my non-jumping friends, seeing I’m in the stables almost always. I also like nice, loud cars, but there is no doubt jumping is my number one passion. 

6. Do you have a hidden talent? What is it?

Drenching sheep, although it’s really not that fun. 

7. What is your Career Highlight to Date?

4th overall in the 2022 Australian Young Rider Championship on Tulara Cristo. 

8. What is you plan for this year?

This year I’ve left school to focus further on my riding. I currently study residential drafting part time which is basically designing housing plans. My main plan is to stay consistent, not particularly massive winnings just yet, but definitely many clear rounds and confidence sustained in my horses and myself. My best horse Cristo is a superstar however I’ll most likely try to source an experienced GP horse, I’m 18 this year, so I can jump world cups and that is something I am seriously working towards. Since I was much younger and alerted to Tom McDermott’s high successes at such an early age; I had a plan that when I was 18 years, at Aus Champs I wanted to have a horse start and be competitive in the Junior, Young Rider and Senior title classes. Hopefully I can execute it this year! 

9. Tell us about Tulara Cristo: 

Cristo turned 13 in November 2022, he was bred by Mark and Anna Fraser (Tulara Warmbloods), and started by Ingrid Miles. He has been with my family since a 4yo, and has always been super special. We bought him because he’s small and was meant to be a nice step off ponies, however the transition period took a lot longer than suspected! Mum rode him for awhile because he was too sharp for Liv or I and can buck quite well. I rode him on the flat for a long time and started competing him when he was 9 years, we started at 80cm, Cristo had jumped 1/1.10m before I started with him, I was also at similar level. Now we jump up to 1.45m, we haven’t had any major wins apart a Sydney Royal junior class. He’s super chill at home, can ride him bareback with cattle (he also loves sheep) and then he will try and swim in a dam, however at a show he will give you a show! Stick tight for the first ride is my advice. He’s definitely not the easiest ride, he’s actually made me want to give up riding many times! But I do love him and he’ll always be my favourite.

Ally Gostelow over the open water jump at the Australian Showjumping Championships