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Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-Up: Jess Pateman

Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-Up: Jess Pateman

No introduction is needed for our next personality. Jess Pateman has been at the top of the sport of Showjumping in Australia for many years, not to mention her success on the racetrack with husband Stephen. We catch up with Jess about her horses, her history and her favourite song of the moment.

Name: Jessica Pateman

Hometown: Barwon Heads/Little River …. Grew up in Warrnambool

Discipline: Showjumping (& racing 😜)

Instagram: @jess__pateman

1. What’s your game day routine?

Before a big class I like to give myself time to pre ride for at least 45 min to give my horse a really good warm in, stretch and make sure he/she is off my aids and then I like to have a nap just to make sure I feel mentally rested so I can be really focused. I make the rest of my plan around where I am in the draw as I like to be super ready and organised so I can focus on riding well and not have to worry about forgetting things or stressing from running late etc. Horses can read your energy and mood so I like to feel really calm and organised.

2. Can you remember your first win? Where was it?

Fancy dress at Heywood show

3. What is your earliest horse show memory?

My first gymkhana … then lots of fabulous memories from local ag shows and royals as a little girl riding my show pony.

4. What horses do you have that you are excited about at the moment?

Celso (14), Violet (5), Vacation (7)…. These 3 are all out of TB mares and sired by Conquistador, Vivant & Vivant respectively. Bonita (7) is very exciting too, Phil Lever is currently riding her for me and my mum. She is out of Alondra and by Balou du Rouet… They are all home bred

5. What’s your favourite place you’ve ever visited?

The Kimberly, WA & Deauville, France

6. If you could trade places with anyone for a day, who would it be?

Paris Hilton, I think she is fabulous

7. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

It’s not about how loud you blow the trumpet, it’s blowing the right note that is important

8. What’s on your playlist when you are travelling to shows?

Atm Colin - Lime Cordial is on high rotation However, I basically spend my time driving to shows on the phone playing catch up or if Mum is with me driving I am probably in the sleeper punching out zzz 😴