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10 Questions with Anneliese Wansey: Emcee Apparel Rider

10 Questions with Anneliese Wansey: Emcee Apparel Rider

Emcee Apparel sponsored rider Anneliese Wansey has had a cracking start to 2022 and is about to ride at one of the biggest shows of the year, Sydney Royal. We caught up with her for a quick chat:

  1. What is your current favourite training exercise?

At the moment I’m working on rhythm, and in particular, controlling the rhythm of my canter. The exercise is drawn from Scott Brash’s training platform and focuses on keeping a consistent canter down straight lines, small curving lines and on the bigger curving lines, working on both left and right bend.

In the exercise, every jump is in a measured distance, so I’m working on consistency down all different related lines. This repetition gives me confidence that I can nail that perfect spot time after time.

2. What does a current day look like for you?

I work from 7.30am to 5.30pm at Rosthwaite Farm. I ride 8-10 horses each day, mainly the showjumpers, working on keeping them fit for the upcoming shows. I occasionally ride client horses and the Rosthwaite riding school ponies to keep them in work for the riding school.

Four days a week I help teach kids in after school programs from 3.45pm – 5pm. They are busy days, but it’s very rewarding to see improvement in the partnership that I have with the horses and students.

3. Tell us about your team and goals for 2022

After recently purchasing Grandiamo (Amo), my goal for this year is to develop my bond with him and work out all of his quirks, in and out of the ring! He is a very special horse with loads of potential, however this year I will continue to ride him in Young Riders while we get to know each other. While I’ve been focusing on Amo, Kolora Stud St Patrick (Patty) has had a well-deserved break since the Australian Championships but will be back out competing in the coming months.

My short-term goal for 2022 is to improve on something every single day. I like to look back at the end of each week and feel like I’ve made progress. As the heights increase, it’s the incremental improvements day in day out that count and ultimately make the difference on competition day. By focusing like this, I think the team and I will be ready physically and mentally for the 2022 Australian Young Rider Championships in November. I will spend 2022 continuing to gain invaluable experience by taking every opportunity I get to ride multiple horses, both young and inexperienced to the older show jumping legends! They can all teach us something!

4. What are you currently working on in your riding?

I have been focusing on two major things in my riding. Firstly, the importance of keeping an active and rhythmic canter through my corners and jump course, which I have practiced with Amo for hours on end! And secondly, the significance of the smaller details and gymnastics on the flat with both horse and rider, which has involved hours and hours spent working on transitions, lateral movements, and the suppleness of my horse.

5. You recently joined Emcee Apparel as a sponsored rider, what has quickly become your favourite item from the range?

As you would imagine I’m really excited about this partnership. The team at Emcee Apparel seem to have just the right bit of gear for every part of my day. As we transition from a wet, but sticky Summer to Autumn, my favourite item of clothing is the extremely lightweight, but very warm Idol Sweater. I wear it almost every day out at Rosthwaite Farm.

6. What is in your tack box at the moment?

As a Bucas Sponsored Rider, my horses have an assortment of Bucas products, including the Shamrock Power Cooler, the Power Turn-Out, a Therapy Saddle Pad and a brand new Bucas Stable Quilt for Amo to wear to bed at Sydney Royal! Everything else in the tack box, including jump boots, ice boots, bonnets, stable bandages and all the other essentials come from Completely Equine in Mittagong, with whom I am a Sponsored Rider as well.

I’m currently riding in a French jumping saddle and stirrups with a Belgian bridle and breastplate. And of course my wardrobe is packed full of Emcee Apparel!

7. What does your preparation for Sydney Royal look like?

As my coach James Arkins has been away for the past 4 months, I have been having lessons with George Sanna which has been great. George has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and I’m so fortunate that he has been available to help me through the last month or so. I have only been out to one competition since the Australian Champs in February due to the rain, so I have been keeping Amo fit at home practicing a wide range of drills from my lessons and, of course, exercises from Scott Brash’s training platform! With James back home from the US, he’ll be there to guide me through show week.

8. What advice would you give your younger self?

To persist through the tough times, because my strongest belief is that good things come to those that work hard. I would also tell my younger self to take every opportunity that comes her way as you never know where it could lead.

9. Who do you look up to in the equestrian world?

I really admire Olympian Scott Brash. After purchasing his training program, I have gained a clearer insight into how he gets his horses performing at the top level. He doesn’t keep a huge team, but instead works with a small group of talented horses, forming a unique bond with each of them. He focuses on the training and growth of each individual horse as he believes for a horse to perform at its best the two most important things are its connection with the rider and its level of happiness and health.

10. Last, but not least, who is your dream line up for the 2022 Australian WEG Show Jumping team?

My dream team would have to consist of 5 riders as I cannot decide between them!

My top picks are Rowan Willis, Edwina Tops Alexander, Chris Burton, Chris Chugg and I can’t go past my own coach, James Arkins.