Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-up: Olivia Dalton

Emcee Apparel Rider Catch-up: Olivia Dalton

2020 has been a wild ride so far! We decided to check in with the Emcee Apparel Team across the globe and see how our sponsored riders in Australia and abroad are travelling! As usual, the first to respond was our prolific New Zealand representative Olivia Dalton. See what we had to say:

Where are you based?
Karaka, Auckland, New Zealand.

Tell us about your team, have you got any exciting prospects coming through? 

I have 4 horses on my team for this season. Cil Dara Bonaparte, Yalambis Garibaldi and Cheyenne who I had last season, as well as a new addition - Silva Bug MSNZ or Bernie as she’s known around the stable. She’s a 8 year old mare with an awesome jump, I’m super excited to see her progress this season. 

Any superstitions? Do you have a lucky shirt, piece of clothing or gear you save for important days at the show? 

I’m not very superstitious but I usually save my white Emcee competition jodhpurs for the Young Rider classes. I sometimes have a hard time deciding which Emcee shirt I’m going to wear on a show day, they’re all so gorgeous it’s so hard to choose! 

What shows have you really missed going to this year? 

We missed out on the Glistening Waters Series Final in March after HOY - this was super disappointing to miss because it’s such great show to finish on before the winter. 

How has Covid affected your day to day training? 

Luckily, it hasn’t really affected us too much. My horses had a break but they're now back in their usual routine, it’s been a good time to reflect on last season and work on my riding in preparation for the shows starting up again! 

What are you looking forward to most post Covid? 

I’m most looking forward to competing and seeing my friends, as well as being able to travel around New Zealand for shows again.